When to Use the Customer Service

3d-technologyTelevision is an extensive network and everyone likes to watch TV. However, in some situations, the cable provider can have technical issues, and your TV doesn’t work anymore. It’s important to know when to call the customer service of the cable provider because not all the problems that you face with your TV come from them.

In some cases, if you have more services from the same provider, and one of them is not functioning, it can affect your entire network. Using Sky as your primary cable provider will help you solve your problems quickly, as they have an excellent customer service and all the complaints are answered with care and dedication.

Let’s see when you can use the Sky contact number for reporting a problem.

No Internet

Sometimes, the internet connection goes down, and if it’s not something of your own doing, then you’ll have to call someone from the company and report the problem. There might be a fault of the provider, or simply your equipment could have stopped functioning. If the damage is something that was out of your control, they will come and fix the problem as soon as possible – for example, the exterior equipment from the provider stopped working, or a cable was damaged.

If it’s something that it’s inside your house – like a malfunctioning router or another device that it’s not working, they’ll set an appointment when you are at home, and they will come at a given timetable.

Changing the TV Bundle

If you have a bundle that you’d like to change, all you have to do is call the contact number from Sky, and they’ll give you all the information that you need. With a simple notification, you could tell them that you want to have a bigger number of channels or that you want to stop using some of the channels. You can also customize your bundle to change the channels that you have access to.

If this change also means a change in pricing, the customer service will tell you all the details that you need to know about it, and they will get a written agreement for you to study. If the price remains the same, all you might need to sign is an additional act to the already existing contract.

Changing the Location

When you change the address, you will also have to tell the cable provider about this change, because they can move the services that you have now to your new address. The truth is that it’s better to keep the contract until it expires because most of the contracts imply additional charges if you end it before its expiration date. The provider will come and move the equipment to the new location without extra costs.

nowtvnew-590x339If they can’t provide the services in your new area, they will tell you, and they might even accept to end the contract before its deadline. However, all this depends on what techniques they use for providing the services.

You also need to look for a pricing plan that works within your budget but also one that respects your needs in case you change the provider. You might need just television and internet from them; you might need all of their services (telephone, internet, and television) or you might need just one of them.

Whatever your choices, you’ll have to ask them because it’s the only way to make sure you get what you want. Apart from this, look out for promotions or coupons for any of their services, and you might get a great deal out of it.

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